Tamil Nadu Guideline Value 2024 – New Property Values for 3 Lakh

Tamil Nadu Guideline Value
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Tamil Nadu Guideline Value 2024: If you live inside the state of Tamil Nadu, the government has released a new update for your convenience.

Let’s start understanding this update through a question. Whenever you go to buy a property or decide to sell a property, then how will you know what is the original price of this property.

To know the price of the property you will have to contact the dealer. Only then will you know its original price but how will it be confirmed. That after all the price of the property that the dealer has told you. Is he right or wrong? Due to which this happens sometimes.

That a common man buys a cheap property at an expensive one and when it comes to selling it, he sells the expensive property at a cheap one. Because they do not know the rates of that area. So understanding all these problems, the government has issued new guidelines Tamil Nadu Guideline Value. So without further delay let’s start understanding and knowing more about it.

Tamil Nadu Guideline Value Latest News Update

At present, the government has made a lot of changes in the property prices, the benefit of which is going to be available only to a common man, but the loss will be felt only by those people.

Those who are acting wrongly or who are trying to hide money. On Wednesday, January 3, the Government of Tamil Nadu has released the Tamil Nadu Guideline Value update within Tamil Nadu. Under this update, the value of the properties located on the road and around the road has been established.

Talking about Chennai alone, the new price of properties in and around Rs 150,000 has been released, while the highest price rate is in the area around Board Club. The prices here are around Rs 28500 per square feet.

If any person among these lakhs wants to register for a property, then the person will have to pay a hefty fee of about 7%, only then the person will be able to get registered. Whereas if you want to register for an apartment or vacant space on Set Mary Road in Mylapore.

So for this it is around Rs 13 lakh or you will have to pay 7% of the overall price of around Rs 15000 per square feet. Whereas if you get a plate made worth Rs 1 crore, registered. So for this you will have to pay Rs 8.5 lakh. Talking about the same, from Tambu Street in Maithil Pilot of North Chennai to Nallamut district, the price here has been fixed at around Rs 16500 per square foot.

The most amazing thing is that their overall price is same on Lahar Road near T Nagar. The suburban temperature has been kept the lowest value. For this you will have to pay 3800 square feet and it goes up to ₹ 6000, this does not include the road area.

What will be the impact of Tamil Nadu Guideline Value

The inconvenience caused to the citizens due to the Tamil Nadu Guideline Value step taken by the Tamil Nadu government. Those inconveniences will be completely eliminated. Because of this the state government was previously losing money. The loss of growth will also stop.

And the tax will reach the government on time. How can the government get more taxes due to less taxes due to which the economic development of the state will be very rapid?


Before reading this article, you will have many questions regarding the new steps taken by the Tamil Nadu government, Tamil Nadu Guideline Value. But after reading the article, you would have got the answers to all your questions. We hope that the hope with which you came to read this article will have been fulfilled by your children.

Tamil Nadu Guideline Value video

FAQs : Tamil Nadu Guideline Value

What is Tamil Nadu Guideline Value?

Please read the article to know and understand about it

What benefits will be gained from Tamil Nadu Guideline Value

Because of this, there will be no tax evasion within the state.

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