Kevin Hart Net Worth 2024: Biography, Height, Age, Wife & Children

Kevin Hart Net Worth
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Kevin Hart Net worth : Kevin Hart has come into the limelight a lot these days. Because many people have started liking his work. You will be surprised to know. He is an African and American comedian.

He tells such strong jokes. Because of which a person laughs easily in any situation. There is such wonderful art within them. To put it plainly, he can also be called Kapil Sharma of India.

He had previously worked in films. After the film, success started kissing his feet. If you want to know more about them. Then you have come to the right place. Because here today through this article we are going to tell you about all the important things related to Kevin Hart.

After reading the article, you will not have any questions about Kevin Hart. So without further delay, let us know all the important things related to Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart Instagram

Kevin Hart Net Biography 2024

Kevin Hart was born not today but a long time ago. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Talking about his father’s name, his father’s name is Henry. And his mother’s name is Nancy.

His mother worked at the same place in the university related to student registration and financial services. His mother took care of his household expenses.

His father did not do any special work because he was a serious drug addict. Kevin Hart’s father used to take this drug. Its name is cocaine. Any person who once gets intoxicated with cocaine.

It becomes impossible for him to come out. If we talk about his childhood, he spent most of his time in jail. And stay outside for some time. He also has an elder brother. Whose name is Robert.

Kevin Hart Overview 2024

PostKevin Hart Net Worth 2024: Biography, Height, Age, Wife & Children
ArticalRead About Kevin Hart
Age44 Year
Date of birth 6 July 1979
Networth400 Million
Per month income 5 Million
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Age & Date of Birth

He was born not today but a long time ago, he was born on 6th July 1979. According to his date of birth, Kevin Hart’s age at present is around 44 years.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Height

All men have different heights. Talking about Kevin Hart’s height, his height is around 157 centimeters. This is shown by the data available on the internet.

Kevin Hart Wife

For your information, let us tell you that he was married long ago. He has married not once but twice in his life. The name of his second wife is Anya Kohat, he married her in 2016.

Kevin Hart’s first wife’s name is Torrei Hart. He married her in 2003 but their relationship did not last long. Due to which they got divorced in 2011.

Kevin Hart Children

This is obvious when it has been so long since their marriage. So they must have had children too. So let us know the name of their child one by one. The names of Kevin Hart’s children are as follows – Heaven Hart, Kenzo Kash Hart, Kaori Mai Hart, Hendrix Hart. He has about four children.

Kevin Hart Net

Being so famous, this curiosity must be arising within you. After all, how much is Kevin Hart’s network? Let it be seen according to the new figures of 2024.

So his net worth is around $400 million. And within 1 year they earn around 60 million dollars. And every month it earns around 7 million dollars.

Kevin Hart Success Story

As it happens with other people. Same thing happened with him, he struggled a lot in his early life, he went to a stand up club in Philadelphia and started performing there. Although initially he did not have that much grip on his art.

Because of which many people outside the club used to make fun of him. And once the situation became so bad. That people started abusing him on the stage itself. But he did not stop there either. He started working on his own art.

And gradually it started becoming popular among the people who used to make fun of them. Now people make fun of him. Then in 2009, he published his first album which was a huge hit.


After reading this article till now, I have learned all the important things related to Kevin Hart. Before reading the article, you had a lot of questions about Kevin Hart.

But after reading the article, now you know the answers to all the questions related to them. You have come to know about his biography as well as his date of birth, apart from this you have also come to know about his Net Worth.

FAQs: Kevin Hart bio

How old is Kevin Hart?

His age is around 44 years.

What is Kevin Hart’s net worth?

His net worth is around $400 million.

Is Kevin Hart married?

Yes, he is married, he had not one but two marriages.

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