Radhika Merchant Wedding Lahanga Kisne Banaya – Lehenga Design!

Radhika Merchant Wedding Lahanga
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Radhika Merchant Wedding: All of you must have heard the name of Anant Ambani. Anant Ambani is going to get married to Radhika Merchant. The atmosphere in this wedding is so amazing that even if you ask, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house of the country’s biggest businessman Mukesh Ambani. At present, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the entire Gujarat.

A celebratory atmosphere is being seen. Radhika Merchant is soon going to be the bride of younger Ambani of the biggest businessman Ambani family. This is going to be the bond of seven births between Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani. Who has made Radhika Merchant wedding lehenga? There is a lot of search on the internet.

Through this post, we will give detailed information about Radhika Merchant’s lehenga and what is the specialty of this lehenga and why it is becoming so viral on the internet. We will try to convey all these details to you. We are just requesting you all to read the post completely and give your opinion in the comments.

Radhika Merchant Wedding Lahanga

Anant and Radhika will take seven rounds

Anant and Radhika have just caught the attention of all the viewers on the internet. At the beginning of their marriage, Radhika’s lehenga is getting maximum attention on the internet. Radhika’s lehenga has caught everyone’s attention due to which a lot of questions are being raised on Radhika Merchant and the beautiful lehenga.

Radhika wore a beautiful lehenga with customized floral work by designer Anamika Khanna and it was giving a very elegant look with colorful floral pache . Radhika wore a diamond set, necklace, earrings and Maang Tikka around her neck. Radhika wore red She had made her look even more attractive with Bindi and she had soft calls in her open hair, hence her look and the look of the lehenga were matching very well. Anant Ambani’s future Radhika was looking very beautiful and good in this lehenga. Then the audience got attracted towards Radhika and it is going viral on the internet.

Radhika Merchant Wedding Lahanga Kisne Banaya

It is said that work should be done in such a way that people will start searching on the internet. Who did this work? Anamika Khanna has done such work that she had made a lehenga for Radhika Merchant in Anant Ambani’s wedding. For this, people are searching a lot on the internet. Friends, if you have a question in your mind as to who made Radhika Merchant wedding lehenga, then let us tell you that Anamika Khanna did the entire designing. You can see her Instagram handle.

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