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Prem Jacob : At present, there is a lot of discussion about Prem Jacob, if you have heard about it then you will have many questions regarding it. If you have many questions regarding these, for example (Prem Jacob wife, married, age, networth, height, wiki, movies, Family). Then you have come to the right place.

Because today through this article we are going to tell you a lot about them. After reading the article, you will not have any questions about love, so without any further delay, let’s start knowing about it.

Prem Jacob Biography 2024

Talking about Prem Jacket, Prem Jacob is a Malayalam television actor, due to which he has gradually started ruling the hearts of people. Gradually people have started recognizing him because of his acting. If we look at his past life history, we come to know that he has also worked in an IT company.

He did animation work in an IT company. While doing this work, he got curious about acting and from there he started working in it. He started his career with modeling.

Prem Jacob Date Of Birth

After hearing about Prem Jacob, this question must have arisen in you that when was he born? For your information, let us tell you that he was born on 22nd March.

The year of his birth is also not known, as if we know about it, we will give you the information through this website, for this you can connect with us.

Post NamePrem Jacob wife, marrige, age, networth, height, wiki, movies, Family & More
NamePrem Jacob
Date of Birth22 March
GirlfriendSwasika Vijay
WifeSwasika Vijay
Net worthApprox 3 Crore
Birth Place kerla India
Prem Jacob overview 2023

Prem Jacob instagram

Prem Jacob Age

Although Prem Jacob’s age has not been disclosed anywhere, but based on his past history, his age should be around 35 years (2024).

Prem Jacob Birth Place

After knowing about Prem Jacob, you must be curious as to where he was born, so for your information, let us tell you that he was born in India. There is a place in India called Kerala, there is a place by the name of Thiruvananthapuram, it was at this place that he was born.

prem Jacob

So after reading this article till now, you have come to know about the birth place of your love Yakub, now you will not have any other question left regarding it.

Prem Jacob Networth

If we talk about Prem Jacob Networth, then his net worth in Indian currency is said to be around 5 crores as per 2024. According to the information received from the media, we cannot confirm this.

Prem Jacob Wife Name

Train Joker’s wife’s name is being searched by many people on the internet. Prem Jacob’s wife’s name is Swastika Vijay. She has become popular on the internet because they have just become each other. They will always live for each other.

Prem Jacob Family members

After hearing about Prem Jacob, you must be curious as to who are the members in his family and what are their names. Talking about his father, after searching a lot on the internet, till now there is no information about his father. No information has been found about the father.

prem Jacob

Talking about his mother, there is no information available anywhere about his mother, only the name of his brother is known, his brother’s name is Shyam, as we have already told you, he is not married yet. So there is no question of having a wife.

Prem Jacob Girlfriend

If we talk about Prem Jacob’s girlfriend, his girlfriend’s name is Swasika Vijay but now they are married to each other.

Prem Jacob Serial List

Prem Jacob has worked in not one but many TV serials whose names are as follows

  • 1) Kabani (Malayalam, 2018)
  • 2) Namam Japikunna Veedu (Malayalam, 2019)
  • 3) Nethra (Telugu, 2022)।

Prem Jacob marrige


After reading this article till now, you have learned about all the important things related to your Prem Jacob. Now you will not have any question left regarding it. We hope that you came to read this article with hope. That wish of yours must have definitely been fulfilled.

FAQs: Prem Jacob bio

How old is Prem Jacob?

His age is around 35 years.

Where was Prem Jacob born?

He was born in Kerala, India.

Prem Jacob is married?

Yes, I recently got married to Swasika Vijay.

FAQs: Swasika Vijay husband, marrige, age, networth, height, wiki, Pics

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