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Dev Patel Bio
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Dev Patel : At present, Dev Patel is being discussed a lot all around. If you have heard his name, then you must be curious as to who he is. And what do they do?

If you ask a question – when you have come to the right place. Because today through this article we are going to give you all the important information related to Dev Patel, so without wasting much time let’s start knowing and understanding all the important things related to Dev Patel.

Dev Patel Biography

If you are a fan of Dev Patel, then for your information, Dev Patel is an actor. Due to his acting skills, he is becoming very popular in the present time due to which he is being talked about all around. Talking about the religion of Dev Patel, he is a Hindu but he was not born in India, he was born outside India in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, there is a place named Hero inside London where he was born. Talking about Dev Patel’s education, he studied in Long Field Primary School. For your information, let us tell you that he has also received many awards.

He has received the BAFTA Award because of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, apart from this, he has won the AAP Board one more time because he had done a great job in the movie Lion, not only this, he has also won the Academy Award for working in the movie Lion. There is a reason.

Dev Patel wiki Overview 2024

Post NameDev Patel wife, age, networth, movies, TV Searials, Instagram & More
NameDev Patel
Age33 Year (2024)
Date of Birth23 April 1990
Birth day23 April
MarriedNot Married
Girl Friend Tilda Cobham-Hervey
Networth8 Cr.
FamilyRead this article
Dev Patel overview 2024

Dev Patel Instagram

Dev Patel Date of birth

After hearing about Dev Patel, you must be curious as to when he was born. So let’s talk about Dev Patel’s birth. He was born on 23 April 1990, so read this article till here. After this, there will be no question left in you regarding the birth of Dev Patel.

Dev Patel Age

Although very few people know about Dev Patel, but if you have known about Dev Patel, then you must have this question that what is the age of Dev Patel, then let’s talk about the age of Dev Patel. Age is around 33 (2024) years.

Dev Patel Wife

After hearing about Dev Patel, the question must be arising in you that after all Dev Patel is married or not, otherwise for your information, he is not married yet, which means he is his wife at present.

Dev Patel Girl Friend

How would your English be after hearing about Dev Patel? Tell me what is the name of his girlfriend. For your information, tell me that his girlfriend is not Indian.

She is an Australian actress whose name is Tilda Cobham-Hervey. After reading this article till now, you have come to know about Dev Patel’s Girlfriend, now you will not have any question left about it.

Dev Patel movies & Tv Serial name

After knowing about Dev Patel, you must be curious as to which movies he has worked in. So let us tell you for your information. He has worked in more many movies. The name of his amazing movie is Slumdog. Apart from this, he has also worked in the movie Lion.

2008Slumdog Millionaire
2010The Last Airbender
2011The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
2012About Cherry
2014The Road Within
2015The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
2016The Man Who Knew Infinity
Only Yesterday
2018Hotel Mumbai
The Wedding Guest
2019The Personal History of David Copperfield
I Lost My Body
2021The Green Knight
2023The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
2024Monkey Man
Rabbit Trap

Dev Patel Networth

After hearing about Dev Patel, this question must have arisen in you that what is his net worth, so let us tell you for your information. His net worth is quite high. His total wealth is around 12 million dollars and if seen in Indian Rupees, it is around 10 crore rupees.

Dev Patel Family

After knowing and hearing about Dev Patel, this question must have arisen in you that who all are in Dev Patel’s family. So for your information, there is no information at all about Dev Patel’s family.

Due to which it is not known what is the name of his father and what is the name of his mother. Once we know about it, we will give you information about it through this website.


Before reading this article, you will have many questions about Dev Patel. But after reading the article, you will have got answers to all your questions. We hope that the hope with which you came to read this article will now be fulfilled.

FAQs: Dev Patel bio

How old is Dev Patel?

Talking about the age of Dev Patel, his age is around 32 years.

What is Dev Patel’s net worth?

Talking about Dev Patel’s total wealth, it is around Rs 8 crores.

Where was Dev Patel born?

Dev Patel was born outside India in London.

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