108MP Wide Angle Primary Camera:

This is the main camera for capturing  standard photos. The 108MP resolution suggests high-detail photos, suitable for large prints or cropping. 2. 

This camera is likely used for depth sensing, which enhances portrait mode and enables better focus on the main subject by blurring the background.2. 

5 MP Depth Camera

The macro camera allows for close-up shots, capturing fine details of small objects.

2MP Macro Camera

8X Digital Zoom

1. This feature allows you to digitally zoom in on subjects, though keep in mind that digital zoom may result in a loss of image quality compared to optical zoom. 2. 

LED Flash

The LED flash helps in low-light conditions, providing additional light for better image quality.

Video Recording

Supports recording videos in 1080p resolution. This is standard Full HD quality, suitable for everyday recording.

The rear cameras support capturing photos at an impressive resolution of 12000×9000 pixels.

Photo Capture

This high-resolution front camera is designed for capturing detailed and wide-angle selfies.

50MP Wide Angle Selfie Camera